Walmart Alleged of Double-Charging Again

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Customers at Walmart in Topeka, Kansas, were surprised to see a greater amount on their shopping bill this week.

Several customers were double-taxed on food purchases and were required to provide receipts to the outlet as evidence.

"When we left the store, we were kind of surprised at how much it felt like it was, and we kind of bantered back and forth trying to figure it out," one customer explained.

"And when we got home and started doing the math, they ended up charging us double tax on all the food," she explains.

The customer tried to call the North Topeka Walmart, but their phone went unanswered.

On January 1st, the state rate for food and food components reduced 2.5 percent, from 6.5 to 4 percent.

Customers in this situation were required to request refunds from the retailer, with the majority of them receiving their money back after contacting customer care.

One client who had been double-taxed, on the other hand, had to contact Walmart's corporate office to get his matter settled.

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