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Walmart and Other Retailers Recalled Soup Over Health Concerns

A favourite soup widely recalled by the FDA

FDA announces that he has recalled his Best Soup. In which the best quality Chicken is included.

This soup is delivered to Walmart locations in most cities. Of these Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky.

Labeling errors have put some customers in risk

The agency reported that Sovos recalled the product because of a packing error that mislabeled vegetable minestrone as Chicken & Gnocchi.

FDA warns that such mix-ups can cause allergies.

If you bought recalled soup, do this

Thankfully, the FDA reports no adverse reactions or medical problems related to the recalled goods.

The organisation recommends returning the item to the shop for a full refund.

Customers with queries can call a hotline on the recall notice on weekdays.

few recent recalls related to ingredient issues

Drizzilicious is a popular company that has sold little rice cake bites and drizzled popcorn in shops and on Amazon.com all throughout the country.

 the reason for the recall, echoing the reasoning given for the previous snack recalls.

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