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Walmart Closed Multiple Stores for Fires

Both Atlanta sites are still shuttered due to the fires that broke out in late December. Both restaurants updated their respective Facebook pages on January 13th.

At the second shop, a similar notice read: "Please be warned that the Walmart at 1801 Howell Mill Rd, Atlanta, GA is now closed for repair.."

Throughout the prolonged outage, both Atlanta Walmarts posted notices referring customers to alternate places.

The Atlanta Cascade store is located on Research Center Drive, about 15 minutes from the Howell Mill site and 20 minutes from the Martin Luther King Jr. Drive facility.

The majority of Walmart shops that were damaged by recent fires are now fully operating. After a terrible fire four months earlier, the business partially reopened in December 2022.

Walmart quickly repaired the roof in order to reopen the store in time for holiday shoppers, but there is still extra fire damage that must be repaired.

At the moment, the Atlanta site on Howell Mill Road is also undergoing maintenance. The news organisation reported seeing work at the location on January 16th.

A contrasting tale is told at the Walmart on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in Atlanta, Georgia.

On the same day, the entrance was boarded up and no work was being done. Concerned customers may notice that this store is currently marked as "Permanently Closed" on Google Maps.

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