Walmart is closing more stores temporarily

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It appears that every store has recently shrunk its retail footprint significantly.

CVS has promised to close over 900 locations by 2024, while Bed Bath & Beyond has announced the closure of over 200 flagship stores as well as the Harmon pharmacy brand.

Walmart, on the other hand, is one of the fortunate few. In actuality, the mega-retailer has only closed a few stores permanently in the last year.

Walmart will eliminate five "underperforming" stores in the United States permanently in spring 2022, with closures impacting locations in Kentucky, Ohio, Virginia, and Connecticut.

In November, Walmart permanently closed another store in Pittsburgh for the same reason.

According to the firm, despite being the city's lone store, the Pittsburgh Walmart was also failing.

"We have been and will continue to be supportive of the leadership and personnel of our Pittsburgh shop.

This decision has nothing to do with their efforts or customer service "According to a Walmart employee.

A Walmart in Peachtree City, Georgia, was temporarily closed in August after a 14-year-old girl set fire to a paper goods aisle.

In late December, only days after the arson at the Vine City Store, another Georgia Walmart on Howell Mill Road was targeted.

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