Walmart Is Closing Multiple Locations

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Beginning February 17, the company will shut several stores. Three Chicago Walmart stores will close next Friday.

The source said the Lincolnwood Walmart Pickup at 6840 McCormick Boulevard will shut on February 17.

"This decision was not taken lightly and was only reached after a comprehensive examination process," Walmart said.

Since this is a pickup and delivery only location, we have used what we learned from this site to improve our neighbouring store pickup and delivery.

Homewood and Plainfield, Chicago suburbs, will close next month. "Some of our 5,000 US locations fail to meet profitability targets.

Walmart stated that some sites had underperformed. Financial performance and our criteria for shutting underperforming stores influence our store closure decisions.

local Walmart shoppers are furious over the closures, especially the "normally crowded" Homewood location.

The southeast Albuquerque Walmart will also close. Walmart on San Mateo Boulevard will likewise close on Friday, March 10, according to a spokesman.

Like Chicago, locals worry about Walmart's departure creating a food desert. Customers commonly remarked that this Walmart is the only grocery store within

walking distance for low-income families in the community and that adjacent supermarkets do not provide healthful options.

Milwaukee's West Silver Spring Drive Walmart to shut before March 10.

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