Walmart Is Threatened To Close Their Stores

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After the Covid pandemic, many restaurants were closed, the reason was the lack of raw material. But Walmart stores was performing very well as they always.

But Walmart feels that the prices may increase in the future and only then the company is closing its stores. Walmart's consumers are also scared of the same thing.

Keep reading this story to know why Walmart is forced to close its stores.

Walmart CEO said that nowadays thefts have increased a lot and this is not the only reason for closing the stores.

He also said that thefts are increasing in the surrounding areas as well, due to which Walmart stores are in danger.

The CEO also said that if this situation continues like this, then either the price will be increased in the future, then the stores will be closed.

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Walmart's consumers are also not supporting it in this situation. Consumers are blaming Walmart for this too.

Customers said that Walmart cannot punish us by closing the store. Theft problem can also be controlled through self checkout.

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