Walmart Will Be Closing Six Stores Next Week

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Walmart is one of the most successful companies in the world. It has more than 10,500 stores in 24 countries. Even though it has a lot of stores, not all of them are meeting their goals.

Starting next week, the superstore chain based in Arkansas will shut down six stores in four states.

After a "thorough review process," Walmart's pick-up-only store in Lincolnwood, Ill., will close on Feb. 17.

"Since this is only a pickup and delivery site, we have used what we learned here to improve how we handle pickup and delivery at our other locations," the company said.

After Lincolnwood, Walmart will close two more stores in the Chicago area: Homewood and Plainfield.

The stores will close on March 10 because the business hasn't done well enough financially. "There's no one reason a store closes, and our decision is based on a number of factors."

One customer said that Walmart's low prices have a "huge impact on the community," and others said that the store is "always full."

On March 10, Walmart stores on Milwaukee's Silver Spring Drive and in Albuquerque's San Mateo neighbourhood will close.

The Pinellas Park, Florida, Walmart Neighborhood Market will close on March 10.

Walmart closed the Tampa Bay store because it didn't make enough money, just like the other stores that had to close.

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