Warning Signs
Of A Bad Wife

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Probably apparent. Commitment concerns aren't restricted to romantic relationships.

She Has Commitment Issues

Commitment is a vow to continually devote time and effort. Her interests, lifestyle, health, career, friendships, and choices.

A colleague that encourages you to improve and keeps you motivated is ideal. She's not a lady who tries to alter you.

She Pushes You To Change

If she loves you, she'll accept you where you are and trust you to better yourself. She didn't nag, criticise, or degrade you. It would be dominating and reveal her flaws and vanity.

Everyone isn't correct. A mature lady admits her mistakes and learns from them. Being incorrect sometimes helps us improve.

She's Always Right

We've all been burnt by trust, so we're wary. Putting up walls to protect ourselves shouldn't make us constantly expect the worse.

She Has Trust Issues

A lady who is so heartbroken she can't trust you to leave the house without texting her every move needs time alone. Trust is the basis of a strong, enduring relationship.

Being her primary source of happiness is too much burden and will shatter the relationship. You shouldn't dictate her mood.

She Wants You All To Herself

Wanting to monopolise your attention will produce a codependent relationship in which you both lose yourselves.

No matter how long you've been together, enjoy the tiny things. You don't lose relevance to each other just because you're close.

She Takes You For Granted

Without it, they lose trust in the partnership. If she doesn't appreciate the work you put into making her happy, she won't do the same.

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