Warning Signs of A Relationship Break

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You should discuss your inability to have personal relations with your partner. Think carefully about what you want and need.

Avoiding intimacy and physical touch

All partners should be able to express themselves freely without worrying about being judged or dismissed.

less communication

If your partner is being distant and unresponsive, you should ask them how they are feeling. Facilitate communication by inviting them to discuss it.

Negative behaviour in the form of arguments can also be a sign of an attempt to destroy a relationship.

Doing fights

Arguments between a couple over trifles suggest that one or both members of the couple is insecure.

Most people criticise without considering how their words would affect those around them.

Increased decision making

If this happens, it's important for the couple to talk about setting boundaries and setting expectations for the relationship right away.

This behaviour demonstrates distrust and anxiety about their relationship.

increased destructive behavior

If you or someone you know often engages in snooping, you may find yourself feeling hurt, betrayed, and more likely to engage in negative behaviours like accusing or lying.

It's possible for sabotage to be more overt if one partner wants to end the marriage but refuses to communicate or take any steps to make that happen.

You're sad

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