Ways to convince your friend after a fight 

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communication is a way

You should never think that you should not talk to your friend, but in this situation, he needs you, he needs to share feeling with you.

talk about feelings without anger

You should never talk to your friend in anger, he will consider himself guilty and will distance himself from you. So you need to have a clear conversation.

speak about your thought without hurting

Many times you say something that hurts your friend, then you should tell your thoughts to your friend in such a way that he does not get hurt.

loose yourself

If you both have a very good friendship and both of you do not want to lose each other, then you should accept the mistake, this will save you friendship.

don't blame your best friend

If your friend has done something that is not right for you and your friend has not done it intentionally, then do not blame it.

remember humanity

While convincing your friend, you should keep in mind that it is common for all of us to be human and mistaken and he would not have done this to hurt you.

listen then speak

You should also listen to your friend about a problem so that you know what he is thinking and you can find a way to convince him.

forgive him/her

Even if your friend is at fault and he does not believe it, you should forgive him so that your quarrel is resolved soon.

know your best friend's positives

We should never leave old friends to make new friends. You should have know every positive thing your friend says, such as silly talk and some confessions.

talk with some humour

Laughing is a good way to resolve any dispute. When you are successful in making your friend laugh, the quarrel will be resolved quickly.

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