Wendy's Just Launched $3 Breakfast Deal

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The newest early morning meal offer at Wendy's is a bargain, and it's the perfect example of why breakfast is best when it's inexpensive.

This Fall, the fast food company is offering a cheap breakfast alternative with the launch of the $3 Breakfast Deal.

Fast Food Post was the first to publish the November 30 special, which consists of your choice of bacon or sausage on top of an egg and Swiss cheese between two croissant halves.

The bacon and sausage are cooked, and the eggs are freshly cracked.

Wendy's breakfast meal bargain now includes homestyle potatoes, since breakfast just isn't breakfast without them.

A side of seasoned potatoes is included with every meal. Cooked to a golden crisp and seasoned with crushed black pepper and garlic powder, these starchy beauties are a culinary delight.

You may get the $3 meal by placing an order at wendys.com, using the Wendy's app, or at any Wendy's restaurant.

Be mindful of the fast food restaurant's morning opening hours, however.

You don't need to worry if you get there before 10:30 as long as you're there. Those who buy early get discounts.

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