Wendy's Just Teased Two Menu Additions

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During the pandemic, Americans have turned to Wendy's for breakfast. 

The fast-food giant started its successful morning daypart in March 2020, as other chains saw declining breakfast revenues.

Against all odds, Wendy's breakfast became a major driver of the chain's recovering sales and the most buzzed-about breakfast in the country.

"As an underdog, we launched in the middle of COVID. And yet, less than a year in, we're matching competitors who have been in the market for 50 years "CMO said in a live webcast on Wednesday.

Wendy's gained traction at breakfast with nimble marketing that reached customers in new ways.

The operation was set up for pandemic success from the start because it was designed for drive-thru success. Wendy's added four major delivery partners and adopted a fast business model.

Fast-food chain believes none of these moves would have made an impact without its cut-above breakfast options.

Our breakfast menu matters. Our customers love it, and nobody else can compete.

Wendy's used familiar brunch flavours like maple-honey butter and hollandaise to one-up the boring homemade breakfast Americans had during the pandemic.

Wendy's may have more breakfast innovations in the works. First, the company teased a spicy addition to its morning daypart.

Another Frosty innovation may come. We're always working on Frosty, not just the Frosty-ccino but the rest of the day.

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