Wendy's Revamps an Iconic Menu Item

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Wendy's has become the second-largest hamburger chain behind McDonald's. The chain passed Burger King by using a simple formula.

Wendy's uses fresh, never-frozen meat, which seems like a gimmick, but it makes operations tougher. Frozen burger patties are seldom wasted, whereas fresh ones must be eaten fast.

Wendy's made fresh, quality food their calling card before Chipotle existed. The business has also employed menu innovation to grow market share.

It's an approach that led to the Baconator's popularity as a burger variety turned platform.

Baconator fries and the Breakfast Baconator use largely the same components as the original. Wendy's makes few changes, so any are huge.

Fans went crazy when Wendy's launched a Strawberry Frosty last summer. As the Frosty machine only stores two flavours, it meant removing Vanilla.

Wendy's has launched more Frosty flavours internationally but not in the U.S. Now, the restaurant is teasing customers with a new Frosty that has only surfaced online and at a big event.

Wendy's debuted a new Frosty flavour at TwitchCon 2022. Purple and topped with Nerds, it's a social media product.

"Purple and coated with nerds, exactly like @Twitch #TwitchCon2022." Wendy's deadpanned when asked what fans were witnessing.

The business promised followers on Twitter they could acquire the dessert at its TwitchCon booth, but then tweeted something that hints it may be a menu item.

The business said, "Just trying it now, but who knows."

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