Which Apples
Are Best for Apple Pie?

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For centuries, pie bakers have relied on this particular variety of tart apple because they hold their shape well and don't get mushy in the oven.

Granny Smith

Given their sourness, you might wish to use a sweeter apple type with them in your pie. Throughout the year, you can find this particular type.

These sweeter apples hold up well in the oven and pair nicely with Granny Smith apples in any baked good. You only have a few months in the fall to get one.


Round and covered in a deep crimson peel, this apple is delicious. The texture is great for baking, but the flavour is somewhat unremarkable.


The majority of the year, you may get this yellow-skinned type at your local grocery store.

Golden Delicious

The flavour is balanced between sweet and sour, making it a great option for apple pie if you can only use one type of apple.

These traditional apples are crimson in colour and have a sharp, sour taste. 


These apples are a hybrid between the Golden Delicious and the Jonathan, and they're quite crisp.

Since they are less common in supermarkets, you should try your luck at a Farmer's Market.

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