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Why Each Zodiac Sign Is Likely to Get Dumped

Aries: You're too possessive and jealous.

You're a go-getter and know what you want. Most individuals like this direct communication approach and freedom to express sentiments.

Taurus: You're unwilling to compromise.

Dating is typically realistic for Tauruses. You want a spouse who is consistent and reliable, not lovely words or romantic gestures.

Gemini: You're too fickle with what you want.

Geminis are social, lively, and flirtatious, so it's no wonder you're so popular in dating.

Cancer: You're too moody and passive-aggressive.

Cancers are emotional and loving, constantly going above and beyond to make loved ones feel special. It's no wonder you're a hopeless romantic.

Leo: You always make it about yourself.

Leos are confident, cool, and always performing. It's part of your attractiveness that your light shines so brightly. People love your comedy and vitality.

Virgo: You always need to be right.

Virgos are deliberate and grounded, preferring serious partnerships over fleeting flings. You realise that good relationships take time and effort.

Libra: You need a lot of attention.

When you have a partner, Venus, the planet of love, makes you happier. Whether you're climbing the corporate ladder or touring the world, you prefer having a buddy.

Scorpio: You're bad at opening up.

Even devoted friends sometimes fear that you're not telling them the whole picture. You're cautious about what you say since as a water sign, you can't stop talking.

Sagittarius: You don't take things seriously.

It's no wonder you're successful in dating since you know how to have fun. A date with you may be at a new restaurant or a show at a nearby theatre.

Capricorn: You take things way too seriously.

People trust you since you're one of the zodiac's most honest signs. You follow through. You never forget birthdays or anniversaries either.

Aquarius: You're a little flakey and noncommittal.

Since Aquarians are quirky, rebellious, and continuously questioning the current quo, you take a unique approach to dating.

Pisces: You get attached way too fast.

You're hopeful about dating, love, and marriage. You take your time getting to know people and don't hurry into relationships.

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