Your Ex's Thoughts Can Improve Your Relationship

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According to a recent study, recalling your ex may not be as horrible as you think. In fact, it may help the two of you grow closer together.

Learn why you shouldn't feel guilty about reminiscing about former lovers, as well as the conclusions of scientific research, keep reading.

Whether it's your past or your current spouse who is brought up in discussion, both parties are likely to experience some uncomfortable emotions, including jealousy.

Researchers observed in 2012 that "higher desire" for recent exes related to the long-term degradation of relationships, implying that

putting such feelings to rest is critical to moving on and making the most of future partnerships.

When people recall joyful memories of previous relationships, positive sentiments about love partnerships are reignited.

The music or film tastes of a former sweetheart may bring back negative memories.

However, if the grief from the previous relationship is still raw, they may try to avoid remembering the good old days.

Romantic nostalgia, according to the study's definition, relates to recalling times spent with one's current significant other rather than reminiscing about an ex.

Nonetheless, research suggests that remembering happy occasions spent with a partner is associated with "greater marital commitment, satisfaction, and closeness."

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