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Your Partner's Body Language Signs to Never Ignore

they can move their body away from you

If your partner moves his/her body away from you when you are sitting near him, it means that something is troubling them in this relationship.

They will slumps their shoulders

Your partner is in pain and is fleeing to protect themselves. A partner may do this when they are rejected, invalidated, or misunderstood.

This happens in every relationship, but the more a partner feels disregarded and discarded, the more difficult it is to stay connected and involved.

They square the jaw

If your partner squares his jaw while talking to you, it means that he is going to lie to you now.

When your partner does this, you can ask him why he/she is lying or what he is hiding from you.

they will cross their arms

When your partner crosses his arms, it can also mean that he is not feeling safe with you.

One reason for doing this can also be that he is angry with you about something or your partner is upset.

They will move their eyes round

When your partner rolls eyes round then it is a sign that you should understand that situation as soon as possible.

Ask your partner what is troubling them. Ignoring such signals can prove to be dangerous for your relationship.

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