Your Zodiac Sign's Luckiest Month of 2023

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Pisces: March

The change for Pisces starts in March. During this time, communication should be easier and you should feel more at ease sharing your thoughts and opinions.

Aquarius: January

In January, you'll be quite well off thanks to all of your hard work from last year. You sat back in 2022 and thought about the curveballs life had thrown at you.

Capricorn: November

You've been giving a lot of consideration to family and the economy this year. This is the month that all of your efforts and sacrifices pay off.

Sagittarius: December

Now is the time for Sagittarius to open up to new concepts and activities. Keep your reserves high during the first half of the year as you wait for opportunities to arise.

Scorpio: October

In October, you can experience two of the four eclipses that happen that year, giving resolution to whatever has been bugging you.

Libra: July

In July, Venus, your ruler, will be retrograde in Leo, in the eleventh house of friendships and mutual aid.

Virgo: February

February is the luckiest month for Virgos. Now is the time to unwind and allow yourself to dream big.

Leo: September

This will shed light on their romantic relationships and expose their true worth. For the first time in months, your relationships will seem close, light, and linked.

Cancer: August

You should expect great financial success this year, especially in the month of August.

Gemini: June

Fortunately, the month of June's high temperatures will spur you to assert your authority and take action.

Taurus: May

For the next two months, you'll be bathed in a ray of sunshine thanks to Jupiter's entry into your sign in May.

Aries: April

You should make the most of the favourable atmosphere created by this sign's positive disposition.

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