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Your Zodiac Signs Most Common Anxiety Dream

Aries: You're invisible

Aries leads the zodiac calmly. You try to wow others with your charm, humour, and success. It doesn't hurt to be recognised for your efforts.

Taurus: Your home is empty

You fear waking up to nothing. Starting afresh terrifies you more than losing anything, whether it vanished or was stolen.

Gemini: You're being haunted

Dreaming about being haunting may indicate subconscious anxiety over a past decision or conversation. It may also indicate that you're worried about falling short.

Cancer: You're being track

Wake up sweating at the fear of being hunted and leaving your security. If you're nervous, you may experience the nightmare of being unable to escape.

Leo: You're being deserted

You like performing and dazzling others. Relationships and others' views are crucial.

Virgo: You forget something main

Your worst nightmare and biggest source of stress is the persistent worry that you'll forget something crucial.

Libra: You're in the cataclysm

You cannot withstand a nightmare involving civilization crumbling or starting again in an other universe. You're just, but you won't reconstruct the world.

Scorpio: You're doing in public

Scorpios are enigmatic. You appear stoic, and you're also actually highly sensitive and guarded. Being vulnerable or exposed makes you worry.

Sagittarius: You're confine somewhere

Staying in one area or being compelled to do something you despise might make you want to stay in bed.

Capricorn: back in school

The prospect of waking up and doing it again terrifies you. You have nightmares about forgetting to study for exams in school.

Aquarius: You're drowning

One cannot look at somebody carrying the burdens of the world and be unmoved.

Pisces: You're helpless alone

Alone on an island is your worst nightmare. You'll miss civilisation and your former life soon enough if you keep daydreaming.

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