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Your Zodiac Sign's Perfect Color For Luck


Red and pink suit your sign. These hues symbolize passion, energy, and vigor. Mars-ruled Aries is brave and pioneering. These hues match them all.


This Festival of Color loves green and yellow. Taurians who priorities peace of mind will love these hues, which symbolize growth, stability, and wealth.


Orange and yellow should suit the third zodiac sign. Colors indicate intelligence, creativity, and communication. Fits the quick-witted, energetic, and curious air sign.


Cancer, governed by the Moon, is inspired, wise, and emotional by blue and green. Cancerians are sensitive, emotional, and responsive.


Leos live life to the fullest. What better than Yellow and Red to color their life? Leos symbolize leadership, inventiveness, and strength; thus, these colors are fitting.


Mutable Earth signs are realistic, diligent, and analytical. Surprise Virgos with green and blue. This zodiac sign appreciates healing, purity, and stability, which these colors signify.


Venus rules Libras, who love beauty. Pink and blue symbolize love, harmony, and balance.


Scorpios may unleash their fierce, passionate, and domineering nature with Red and Black.


Yellow and orange symbolize optimism, adventure, and knowledge. Fire signs are daring, impulsive, and enthusiastic.


Brown and dark green ideally represent stability, responsibility, and pragmatism. Earth signs appreciate this earthy combination.


Blue green color combinations express independence, ingenuity, and originality. These bright colors will make Aquarius stand out.


Boost your luck with turquoise and purple. Old spirits of the zodiac governed by Neptune and Jupiter embody these hues. Spirituality, creativity, and compassion.

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