Zodiac Pairs Always Seen Fighting With Each Other

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aries vs. taurus

Both indicators are driven by desire and tenacity. Taureans appreciate a steady pace, whereas Aries are spontaneous and cheerful. Their patience differs.

aries vs. libra

Aries fights at every chance, but Libra avoids it when they smell it from miles away.

Aries ensures they return to the conflict so they may have a heartwarming fight. Aries should calm down, but Librans need to assert themselves.

cancer vs. aquarius

Cancerians are tender below their gruff exterior and want emotional stability from their Aquarius mates, while Aquarius are emotionally frigid and analyze feelings.

Cancers want a close relationship, whereas Aquarius values emotional strength. Hence, they'll fight over this.

leo vs. virgo

Both signs have inflated egos. Finally, Leos require emotional meltdowns to relax, whereas Virgos don't. Virgo stops Leos from hogging attention everywhere they go.

virgo vs. sagittarius

Sagittarians act impulsively and are overly autonomous. Virgos hate this since they plan ahead. Virgos consider both sides before taking action.

aquarius vs. scorpio

Aquarius is too smart to fight. Scorpios explode when agitated. Both fights fiercely and exhibit their nastiness. Scorpio is too realistic, Aquarius too abstract. These virtues seldom coexist.

capricorn vs. scorpio

Sagittarius, the most exuberant sign in the zodiac, hates Capricorn's regularity and predictability. Capricorn hates surprises, which may cause significant disagreements.

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