Zodiac Sign Makes the Best Cat Owner

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Libras love beautiful, durable things, so their cats have the best beds, collars, scratching posts, and other feline accessories.


Cancerians appreciate pampering loved ones. Cancer feels warm and cosy caring for a darling feline.


Cats, like Capricorn, reward their owners for respecting limits. You must earn their affection before they can snuggle with you.

Capricorns are wonderful cat owners since they don't get irritated if their pets disturb them up at night.


Cats are quiet and independent. Dog owners, who are used to being greeted and licked, don't like this behaviour of cat owners. Leo wouldn't humiliate themselves either.


If you invade their area without permission, cats and Scorpios will scratch you.

A cat asking to be petted is like a Scorpio expressing an intimate detail about themselves: would you love them or make a mistake and have them go away?


Tauruses' routine-orientedness makes them good cat owners.

Taurus owners feed, play, and pet their cats every day at the same time. They'll also cuddle their kitties.

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