Zodiac Signs Who Are The Luckiest In Love

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This week, you may doubt if you can come through for your love. Since you adore this person, you'll want to venture outside your comfort zone to satisfy them.

You dislike this person for having wants since you don't like transactional relationships, yet everything is a transaction to you.

You'll move over this type of thinking this week, so don't worry. Once you realise it's preferable to offer freely, you'll find true love, which will delight you.


You're adept at articulating what's on your mind, so the person in your life would rather you hold off on lectures and be there for them.

They need your silent presence and kindness. Once you give people what they want, it's freeing to just 'be' instead being the star.


Ever-emotional, your zodiac sign will feel the desire to overreact to some situations this week. Hold back.

You don't need to 'out-love' someone or overdo it by turning up for them.

In striving to please your love relationship, you will go so far to prove you're the finest that your partner will nearly disappear.

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