zodiac signs with the Scariest traits

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Unpredictable Arians Today they may appear joyful, yet they may be disappointed with you. They'll speak whatever's on their mind when their emotions erupt.

Innocent Arians don't realize that not everyone understands them. When hurt, Arians might become insensitive. Arians are confident. Their confidence frightens opponents.


Peaceful Taureans appear relaxed. If you're family, they'll let you yell over them. Once the boundary is crossed, their vengeance overrides their patience.

They remember things forever and will toss them at you. Most Taureans' friends fear this feature.


Capricorns work hard and their smart thinking supports them too. They are resourceful, hardworking, and reliable.

They are amazing in getting things done from others, especially subordinates. They may look excessively rigid about completing a project on time. They are self-restrictive.


Leos naturally lead. Their "tough inside and out" image may scare others. Your stern demeanor may scare others.

Another quality is your dominance and lack of shyness. Others may even fear meeting you. You like that—it boosts your ego.

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